Mark Propp

About us

Mark has a history of dynamic leadership, from outstanding young political leader in America and White House mail room clerk during the Reagan Presidency, to business entrepreneur and manager of R&D teams around the globe.

Mark has over 20 years of rich industry technical experience. He has a proven ability to deliver quality products on time, and has serviced customers such as HP, Sun, AT&T and NASA. His industry experience includes blockchain development, data storage, aerospace, electronics manufacturing, IT, data and telecommunications networks, software development and R&D.

Mark has a wealth of knowledge and first hand experience in managing electronics manufacturing, software development and testing around the globe, including China, Singapore and India. He is skilled in areas of Engineering and project management, software and systems development, configuration and release management, and system testing.

- Master of Business Administration, University of Colorado 2008

- Master of Computer Science Engineering, University of Nebraska 1995

- Longma International Business Consulting Co., Ltd. - Founder and Principal Consultant, Blockchain and cryptocurrency development, Engineering and IT, education and training.