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Welcome to the BULLIONBLOCK Lab, the Home of our Design, Evaluation, R&D Team working on new Blockchain concepts.


Cyber Security


Strategtc Planning




Our aim is to enhance the BULLIONBLOCK business by reducing transaction costs to the end user. We are inspired by decentralized horizontal networking, as opposed to direct subordination.

The BULLIONBLOCK (BB) Lab with focus on cyber-security to avert the risks posed to the BULLIONBLOCK businesses by the vast and increasing volumes of digital content that carries malware attacks, harmless phishing, and business-crippling hacks.

It is estimated that on average there are over 200 billion emails sent and received daily, so such threats are imminent.

Blockchains provide no ‘hackable’ entrance or a central point of failure and, thereby, provide more security when compared with the various current database-driven transactional structures.

BB Lab plans to research and develop a secured mesh network that will allow IoT devices to connect securely and reliably avoiding the threats of device spoofing and impersonation, and also to prevent DDoS attacks. In this way, M2M authentication can take place without the need of any centralised arbitrator or service.

Example: Every IoT node will be registered in the blockchain and will have a BullionBlock ID which will uniquely identify a device. For a device to connect with another device on our peer-to-peer platform, the ID will be used on the blockchain to raise an identity request. The wallet will create a digitally signed request and send to the target device user wallet which is on our blockchain to validate the signature using the key of the sender.

The BULLIONBLOCK Security Lab will employ expertise in cyber-security covering: Software Security, Cryptography, IoT Security, Secure virtualization and isolation technologies, and Cloud Security.

Our Lab will push forward blockchain-related security projects to partner and unite with cybercrime experts, technology researchers and end-users worldwide with the aim to identify threats and prevent attacks as the next generation proactive threat detection of cybercrime.

The BB Lab Mission is to establish a creative environment by uniting leading experts to work together on AI Blockchain Technology as a new frontier in the fight against cybercrime, and to advance Blockchain for everyday use to benefit the global community.


PO Box 16122, Collins Street West, Victoria 8007, Australia